Friday, Aug. 26

This experience immensely my outlook as an educator. Working with the wearable devices, it put me a bit out of my comfort zone. It began to remind me of being in school and learning something new. It allowed me to go back and begin to think like a student, and I believe that is sometimes lost when teaching students something new.

Working with the wearable devices also opened my eyes to the world of engineering and brainstorming. I was extremely nervous prior to my arrival in June, because of my lack of experience in those areas. Working with my mentors, I saw a new world of careers that I never new existed. I really wish I had this opportunity in college to expand my mind into other fields.

As an educator I plan on trying to implement a lot more real world application into my curriculum. I think students need to understand the importance of individual work, as well as collaborative work, problem solving and brainstorming. Sometimes the answer is not always clear cut. I can see education slowly transition away from the basic here is the definition, here is the answer.

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