Transferring my internship experience into educational resources

I am currently in the process of trying to transfer my internship experience into educational resources for myself and others. One of the great successes that I have experienced so far has been my ability to recreate GoogleFiber’s “Create Your World” project on my own. I have been working to create instruments using fruit and makey makey’s, as well as create scenes of stories using stop motion animation. I have been able to successfully model how this program is created from setup to breakdown. I am eager to recreate this experience in my own classroom. One of the challenges that I continue to face is creating a MEANINGFUL lesson plan that fits the ready made project. GoogleFiber has expressed interest in keeping the elements of project as they are. Creating a lesson plan to fit sounds easy, but really creating one that is useful and meaningful in real life for a 3rd grader has been a bit of an obstacle. I will continue to work with other Kenan Fellows to develop something that is easily replicated by those with and with out teaching experience, who wish to use this project on their own.

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