A New Experience

What do you hope to gain from your fellowship experience?

I hope that throughout this fellowship experience I will gain new knowledge and practices to use in my classroom, develop lasting relationships with colleagues, continue to develop my leadership skills, and find meaningful ways to link the classroom and real world experiences through my internship experience.

With this experience I expect to learn new information through different PD opportunities, the institutes, my time at my internship, and through discussion with colleagues. I think this will help further improve my classroom instruction as well as benefit my grade level team and ultimately my school.

One of the components of this fellowship I am most excited about are the relationships that will be developed within our CMS cohort and the larger Kenan Cohort.  Through having discussions with each other we will be able to reflect on our own practices.  This fellowship will require me to lead PD at my school and take ownership in some areas. I think this will help me continue to develop my leadership skills.

The other component of this fellowship I’m excited about is the relationship with my mentor and my internship experience. This experience will show meaningful ways to connect the classroom to the real world. By being in the manufacturing world, I will be exposed to elements I have never seen/learned about before. I think this well help me do a better job when thinking about STEM and what it means long term for our students. Understanding the skills necessary for these careers will help us begin to instill processes at a young age with our students to help prepare them.

I can’t wait for this to get underway as I know it will challenge me and draw out the best inside of me and my colleagues!