Ply Gem – Take 1

Can I say mind blown?  The past few weeks have been a tremendous learning experience.   Impact resistance testing for hail, the roofing industry, design thinking and materials science are just a few of the topics that I have been immersed in while interning at Ply Gem.  The challenge has been how to take what I have learned and mold it into a product or experience that can benefit my students and do it   within the constraints of the curriculum that must be covered in my courses.  My mentor has talked to me about how important the design thinking process is in the develpment of ideas in industry.  As a result of that discussion, I have taken a deep dive into learning all that I can about the process.  This has led me to the idea of using design thinking as the backbone for my Kenan Fellows product.  I am very excited about this and cannot wait to see what the end result will be.  One more amazing week to go!