Ply Gem – It’s a Wrap

My experience at PlyGem’s Insight Center in Durham has taught me so much.  I have had a wide range of opportunities during my internship.  One of my most interesting experiences was getting to tour a manufacturing facility in Fair Bluff, NC.  I was able to see how vinyl fencing and recycled composite roofing is made by PlyGem.  In the past I have only seen pictures of manufacturing plants. Only touring a plant helps you truly appreciate all that goes into making a product.  One of my biggest challenges was adjusting to how different it was from being in the classroom.  I found that although I thoroughly enjoyed learning about a lot of new things and getting to know the people I was working with, I really missed working with my students.  I would say the biggest take away from my internship is that I have a better insight as to what future employers of my students are looking for.  Although I have always known that there is more to teaching than just content, it was important to hear from those that work in industry that they need students that have had experience with critical thinking and problem solving skills.


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