Careers Galore

As a science teacher, students typically ask me questions about two career categories: Education and Science/Engineering.  I often have students that are interested in science but do not necessarily want to make a career out of it.  Many are unaware that there are many other jobs that could involve science that are not “science”.  

For any student that has a slight interest in science, it is possible to incorporate that into a career that does not fit your typical science mold.  At PlyGem I worked with individuals whose careers fit your expected idea of a science job (material science engineers, lab technicians) and those that did not: sales representatives, project supervisors, marketing, and product line work.

Previously, when asked about jobs that contained a little bit of science,  I would talk about former students that have gone on to become lawyers that focus on environmental law or wildlife artists/photographers. After having my internship with PlyGem, I find that I am able to expand beyond my previous comfort zone and talk about many other job opportunities with my students.