KFP Summer Institute

Describe the highlight of your week at the KFP Summer Institute.

  • How do you plan to implement something you learned at the institute in your classroom?
  • How has the week compared with other PD opportunities you have attended?

This week was packed with meeting new people, learning new ideas and having fun.  My favorite part of the week was rafting down the river on Wednesday with the group.  I also was glad to have time to work with and get to know my team members and talk about our Ag night plans and ideas.  I will definitely be using some of the team building activities like the marble run, magic carpet and pvc pipe activities in my class and possibility at my church’s bible school next week!

The PD during this whole was was very different from most.  We had some great speakers with hands on activities to keep us engaged.  I really liked the fun activities tied into each day and the “day off” .  The food here was amazing also with friendly staff to make sure we always had what we needed.

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