“The American Dream”

Or some people just call themselves crazy…..   Today I visited Randleman Farms they are know for their local grown beef and also pork.  They are also into growing tobacco, landscaping, and fence building but today I learned about their beef and pork operation.  Unlike what I am used to the normal grow your cattle and sell at the stock market operation was less complex then what Randlemen farm has undertaken.  This farmer decided they wanted to sell their beef (and later pork) locally.  This method takes more planning, more work, more time, but maybe a little more profitable??  At this farm they have a herd of cattle mostly an Angus/Simmental mix and strive to produce good quality meat.  Did you  know if takes about 2 years to produce a high quality steak?  Well thats right from the time the calf is born until its about 1200-1400 pounds thats the average life span of beef cattle, unless she is being kept in the herd as a replacement heifer.  On average you get about 24 steaks and 24 new york strips from a cow the rest are other cuts of beef.

The newest thing that this farm is involved in is First Hand Foods which is a Co-op basically that works with local farmers to buy their cows based on hanging weights and then they process, package and sell locally.  This is an easier way with less work on the farmer.  The deal with First Hand Foods is they must know in advance what you are going to have for the year and approximately when.

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