Manufacturing and Innovation

During the past week, I had the opportunity to head across the street to see the manufacturing side of the business where all of the ideas from engineers that are sold to the customers come together. I was able to see the materization from the combination of the work of sales and engineering, and where the importance of high quality communication is paramount.

When looking at the assembly of products, I watched as parts were placed together with frequent communication to ensure accuracy. Is there a problem or a question? Manufacturers would immediately be in touch, usually through email, with the project manager.

Students today must remember that as the STEM world advances, they will frequently need to back up their scientific knowledge with an ability to communicate. With all of the advances being made, how relevant will they be if no one is there to effectively communicate them to the world. Even more important, once a STEM-related business is formed, we will need individuals who can effectively sell, market, and respond to inquiries.

Today, I sit with the solar side of the business, and look forward to sharing some rays of knowledge with you soon.