Monthly Archives: October 2018

Fall Fellowship

This morning, I’m sitting in an amazing workshop on building culture within our classrooms and schools. We want students to learn, and to engage with one another, but unless we take a few moments each day (or maybe each week if we’re discouraged from straying too far from curriculum)- how can we expect students to communicate and collaborate with one another?

When our students feel welcomed and happy to be there, that is when students will be ready to learn and collaborate with one another. They come in each day, and sometimes feel drained by the nonstop- curriculum heavy rigmarole of the school day. Take a moment to get to know your students, and to increase the comfort level in the classroom.

I’ve tried this year to create that more positive culture, and have been pleased by the results. Classroom management is easier, students participate more, test results are better, and smiles are everywhere.

Create positive culture, and results will come naturally.