The State of Ag

The State of Ag:
All throughout the county of Alamance, there are many farmers, agriculturalists, engineers and community leaders who have a strong investment in agriculture. Many think of agriculture as simple what we grow and eat, but that seems to only scratch the surface. I had the unique opportunity to meet people from similar backgrounds with varying stories. They all had different ideas, interests and opinions, but they all had one thing in common. They all wanted to see an often times forgotten part of our community thrive, grow and be able to sustain the population of people it supports. It was interesting to get a firsthand look at the (almost) completely different world of agriculture. The different pieces of equipment, technology enhanced strategies and the need for new ideas and innovations sparked all different sorts of ideas. The future of agriculture can surely be expanded and will rest in the ability to do more with less. How can we create new ways to continue to provide produce, livestock and various resources for our community? I was overjoyed at the opportunity to see what exactly was needed from the future students in the classroom today. This insight will help me create curriculum based instruction that also highlights some of those important skills. There is a large need for these bright minds right here in our community.