The Randleman Farm

Randleman Farm

On Friday, June 29th we visited the Randleman Family Farm in Alamance County. This farm is unique in its ability to raise hogs and cows and distribute their products directly to the consumers. They work closely with local restaurants and grocery stores to bring consumers fresh, all natural meats. Their farm consists of over 40 acres where the animals roam cage free. They are feed natural, wholesome diets in comparison to artificial, processed feed full of steroids, antibiotics etc. The family has a true belief in raising and providing all natural meat to each and every single consumer. When speaking to the Randleman’s, their number one concern is the future of agriculture. They highlighted to true need for educational opportunities for students to learn more about the time, work and patience that goes into the farming industry. It truly is a way of life. They take pride in their work. They take pride in a high quality, healthier, and more satisfying product. They go out of the way to ensure that the animals are treated properly and given a strategic diet. What stood out just as much as their approach to farming was the sense of in depth knowledge they seemed to have about their craft. Not only are they experts in their field, but they also speak to great knowledge about the science behind their strategies. They too feel and experience the need on the daily for new, innovated, committed people to bring a strong and positive impact on the world of agriculture in our state.

On the Randleman Farm, the pigs are given free range to roam throughout the farm land. According to the Randlemans “Big Mamma” was due to deliver anywhere from 10-14 small piglets with the week.

The cows are also given free range on the farm. They are fed three times a day and are monitored for growth throughout their time on the farm.