The Best of NCCAT

When I came into this week I had a couple of key objectives, which was a little silly. Education is split into a couple of different skill sets. There are tangible aspects: school supplies, lesson plans, new digital tools, and activities that teachers can implement in the classroom. Kenan’s partnership supplied me with some of these added tools; app smashing, makeymakey skills, goose chase, learning how to kicknet, and the potential of Twitter as a teacher tool.

The more intense and meaningful parts were networking aspects of this week. Meeting teachers from the mountains to the coast, discussing inequities in schools, working together to brainstorm highly engaging learning opportunities for our kids. Even more than this carrier focused features, were the spirit building aspects of this week. Many teachers are overstressed and under-supported yet remain highly motivated and overworked. A week with amazing teachers make the weight of education feel less over bearing. Hours of growth mindest reflection in groups of highly capable teachers rebuild the confidence and joy that at times gets eroded away during the periods of the school year.