Week 3 At Keihin


Wow!  I have learned so much during my time at Keihin.  I have literally been in every department in the building.  This week I visited with Quality, Production, and Engineering from multiple areas.  Each one of these departments have very important jobs to do. I even got a visit from Mark!

The Quality department has to make sure everything that ships from the building is correct and safe.  Production has to make sure the parts are created with in a specified time  and that all safety tests have been passed.  The engineers are so important.  They have to make all of the programming is correct and that each piece of the line is up and running correctly.

The cool thing about being at Keihin was being able to see how STEM plays a part in each and every department.  Communication, collaboration, and problem solving are so important.  Nothing would get done without having these criteria.  Industry doesn’t seem to be very different from education.

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