Investing in Thanks During COVID-19

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April 3rd, 2020 was to be the fifth annual Leadership Day at my school. Leadership Day is a day to showcase the wonderful things that happen inside of our school everyday. Students apply to prepare and perform speeches, lead performances, and guide guests through our halls. On this day my students planned to demonstrate their mastery with their financial literacy… Read more »

Why Financial Literacy?

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Why did a teacher and an investment company invest in Financial Literacy? There are three things you do not talk about at the dinner table: religion, politics, and finances. However, that lack of conversation did not serve me well when I became financially independent at an early age; I did not know the basics of financial wellness. As a result,… Read more »


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Hi, my name is Taylor Waters and I am a Kenan Fellow. Kenan Fellows is a program that offers high-quality professional development for educators, including an internship with a mentor in a STEM setting. My internship was housed at Fidelity Investments, entitled “Paying it Forward with Financial Literacy”. This experience truly has changed my teaching career and will for years… Read more »