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North Carolina’s Role
in the Global Economy

Lesson 1: Is China to Blame: Overview


The purpose of this lesson is for students to learn how foreign competition and the rise of imports have impacted North Carolina’s furniture industry. Upon the successful completion of the lesson, students will be able to

  • Explain reasons for the decline of North Carolina’s furniture industry.
  • Explain how North Carolina furniture manufacturers benefit from their relationship with China.
  • Suggest ways that displaced workers can remain competitive.
  • Engage in a dialogue regarding the state of the furniture industry.

North Carolina Standard Course of Study

The lesson will address the following Civics and Economics objectives from the NC SCS:

Competency Goal 7: The learner will investigate how and why individuals and groups make economics choices.

  • 7.03 Compare examples of tradeoffs and opportunity costs of economic choices.
  • 7.05 Explain the impact of investment on human, capital, productive, and natural resources.

Competency Goal 9: The learner will analyze factors influencing the United States economy.

  • 9.02 Describe the impact of government regulation on specific economic activities.
  • 9.05 Explain the impact on the United States economy of international trade and global products.
  • 9.06 Investigate the ways that domestic and international economies are interdependent.