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North Carolina’s Role
in the Global Economy

Lesson 3: Kannapolis - a Case Study


Our Economic Past and Economic Future: Kannapolis - A Case Study

This lesson helps students understand the transition that North Carolina’s economy is making through looking at how one city once devastated by the closing of a major manufacturing firm is looking forward to a new biotechnology center that will employ thousands. An interview with the mayor of Kannapolis, pictures of the city, and newspaper and journal articles will be used to help students better understand how economic decisions of a single firm can impact a community. Students will develop:

  • an understanding of why manufacturing is a dying industry in North Carolina and how this impacts persons either formerly employed or currently employed in this industry
  • an awareness of how the different levels of government, non profit organizations, and community members work together when there is an economic crisis in a region
  • an awareness of biotechnology as the promising new industry in North Carolina and what steps individuals can take to prepare for employment in this industry
  • an understanding of the history of one North Carolina city and the lessons learned from their history.

North Carolina Standard Course of Study
The lesson will address the following Civics and Economics objectives from the NC SCS:

Competency Goal 7 : The learner will investigate how and why individuals and groups make economic choices.

  • 7.03: Compare examples of tradeoffs and opportunity costs of economic choices.

Competency Goal 9: The learner will analyze factors influencing the United States economy.

  • 9.03: Explain the impact of the movement of human and capital resources on the United States economy.
  • 9.05: Explain the impact on the United States economy of international trade and global products.