Earlier  in this month I submitted my final curriculum product.  It feels good to be done, but at the same time I feel like my lesson plans are never really “done” or “final”.  There’s always something to improve on or a new idea that can be incorporated.  For example, I am doing the egg laboratory portion of my curriculum product in my biology class this week.  I already implemented the lab once and made plenty of edits that were incorporated into my final draft.  But even so, yesterday before class started I had the idea of incorporating Gatorade and apple juice into the lab as choices of solutions for the students to use (previously I was only using water, corn syrup and salt water).  I love the idea of adding in solutions that would actually affect my students’ own cells on a daily basis; that’s so much  more interesting!  I wish I had though of it before!

I very much hope that my curriculum product to be used widely and be helpful to other teachers, especially those just getting started with inquiry-based instruction.  But I would also love for it to be something of a living document.  For example, I would very much appreciate there being a way for teachers who use it to give me feedback on the quality and organization of the lessons so that I can improve them further.  At the very least, I hope that my contact information is left on the site so teachers can give me their feedback on their own and I can offer them updated versions of the lessons.  Once it’s available on the website, I will be sharing the link with my PLC, school and district so I will be able to share and get feedback from them at the least.  However, it would be nice to cast a wider net and get more varied opinions.


Product Completion