Looking back at one of my first blog posts last year, my three main goals for the internship were:

  1. Increase the scientific literacy skills of my students
  2. Gain a better understanding of current research practices and design authentic assessments for my students based on this
  3. Share my ideas with my PLC and beyond

I have accomplished all of those goals.  First, I incorporated lessons that require my students to read and analyze actual scientific papers.  Next, my students designed and implemented their own inquiry-based experiments and wrote their own scientific reports based on them.  And, they peer reviewed each others’ reports before their final submission. All of these meet goal 1 and 2.  However, I have much more extensive goals next year for broadening these two goals in my biology classes.  Finally, for goal 3, I have not only shared my ideas with my PLC but also led professional development sessions for my entire district based on them.

I would, of course, recommend this program to other educators.  There’s no other program that helps teachers develop so much professionally.  And, the network of fellow teacher-leaders that you create over the course of the fellowship is invaluable.

Final Reflection