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This week of professional advancement at NCCAT has been superbly helpful! I have so many things that I would love to integrate into my classroom. One thing I am especially excited for is the Google Apps. The “Just Google It” session was so eye opening in terms of  how many different ways the google apps can be used. This year I will be teaching a new research course and I am very excited to use google classroom to keep the students organized. I am also looking forward to using it as a better means of collaboration and communication between students and myself. Erin did a wonderful job showing how each of the main google apps can be used in the classroom. I was particularly excited about the wordwall that she shared. This is going to be a great study tool for my kids.

Of the sessions I went to, the “Capturing and Using Student Qualitative Data” was the least helpful for me. It was a great session and Paul did a great job, but I already implement and use data in my classroom the way he discussed.

Overall this week of PD has been the most productive, efficient, and useful of any other professional development I’ve attended. The sessions provided were clearly thought about and developed to provide the most impactful skills and knowledge that a teacher could use to enhance both their teaching and their students’ learning. I really appreciate the time and effort put forth by the presenters for all of their workshops.

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