Alignment to the Classroom

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Throughout my career as an educator I have tried to make learning both fun and applicable for students. Though as you can imagine, both of these goals can be hard to achieve dependent on the content, cohort of students, and ongoing controversy around the constant changing curriculum. Just as I have with all of my classes, I’ve been trying to find projects to incorporate in my AP Statistics curriculum that will connect the students to real world data. I have been trying to find data sets that I could integrate throughout multiple units to try to provide a better, deeper knowledge and understanding of the concepts presented throughout the course. This project that I am working on with SAMSI will provide a great insight to integrating data in statistics to reach a projected model for prediction purposes. ┬áMy hopes are that the students will become so familiar and comfortable with working with data that they can apply new concepts and skills in each unit with more ease. I am also hoping the students develop deeper and stronger connections of the concepts and how they link to the real world.

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