Mentor Organization Benefit

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For many years now I have been in love with statistics and its many applications. Too many times do I hear people (both students and the general population) talk about how much they hate math, how bad they are at it, a lack of appreciation for it, or a failure to see its true applications. This has a direct impact on businesses and organizations because individuals are less inclined to pursue a career involving mathematics. Through this internship, I am hoping to learn better ways to develop more interest in statistics and mathematics. I am hoping to show students how fun, intriguing, challenging, and rewarding statistics an be, especially when applied to real-world, real-time data. I am hoping that by directly immersing students in the data, that it will spark their interest in pursuing mathematics or at the very least appreciate the mathematics more, thus benefiting organizations like SAMSI.


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  1. Rachael Polmanteer

    I think it’s great that you are finding a way to make statistics more intriguing to the students. I don’t think students realize how much it is used in everyday life and the amount of careers that use it directly. Looking forward to hearing about all the amazing things that come out of your internship!

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