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It’s the first week that my classroom is empty. Now, it’s time for me to begin my journey of becoming a student once again. I head to NC State ASSIST program not knowing what is in store for me but, excited for this new adventure in my life. Today, I am a Kenan Fellow. We go through the first day of introductions and expectations then as I prepare for the drive home I think, “What have I gotten myself into??” However, as the week progresses and I become more and more familiar with wearable devices and nanotechnology I realize just how much more exciting this journey is going to be for my students and community.

Being a Kenan Fellow will elevate my teaching career by allowing me to bring back new experiences and new, innovative ideas to my classroom and school. Also, this fellowship will allow me to get my community involved in the curriculum of my classroom. I also hope to get other teachers in my school collaborating in the new techniques and using these ideas in their classroom.

One of the most important things I hope to bring back to my classroom and community is Project Based Learning. I feel PBL is a great instructional tool for my students not only in my classroom but in a cross curricular environment and to also involve the community/business leaders. Another way I hope to advance my leadership involvement by being a Kenan Fellow is to demonstrate to my students the vast career opportunities that are becoming available in the technological field. Working with the ASSIST program I know is an invaluable opportunity to afford me the knowledge and experience to relate my students current education knowledge and interest with the potential educational opportunities and real world applications.


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