The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge…

Goals of internship and relate to work as educator

As a high school teacher, I ask my students at the beginning of each semester, “what do you hope to accomplish this semester?” “What do you hope to gain from this class?” As a freshman homeroom adviser last year, I had my kids write a letter to their future senior self. In this letter they were to write what they hoped to accomplish over the next four years, what goals will they set. Each student seals up the letter in an envelope and addresses it to himself/herself. I lock it up in a cabinet and then in May of their Senior year (2019) I will give it back to them to read, to reflect back on the four years of their high school career, to evaluate their goals.

When I started my internship I too set goals for myself as an educator that I would like to accomplish for not only myself but also for my students. My primary goal is to learn the Engineering Design Process correctly, take it back to the classroom and apply it to activities with my students. Another goal of my internship is gaining practical experience of collaboration skills and relating them back to my work as an educator and enhancing 21st Century Skills in the class environment. Another goal is to create a relationship between my students and NC Assist and have students visit Maker Space. My final goal is to obtain adequate experience and information to have my students compete in the One Health Challenge through NC State Assist.

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