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Blog 7/8/16

Update from July 1


For me, teaching science is about the big picture. Exciting and inspire my students to investigate their world, and explore how humans interact with their environment while becoming engaged thinking problem solvers.  The Kenan Fellowship program with the Freedom System Center is  ideal venue to explore state of the art science and technology, and share these ideas with my students so that they can become catalysts of change. Working with the FSC  has had provided the technical support, guidance and inspiration that will allow me to structure my teaching / learning environment to foster a culture of innovation that links scientific discovery to technological innovation..A goal that I share with the Freedom System Center)

Interning with FSC -part of a network

Recently the focus of my professional development centered on Problem Based Learning and incorporating a STEM focus in the authentic problem solving learning arena.  The internship with FSC had enhanced both knowledge and resources to incorporate engineering concepts in explorations of current and future alternative energy technology and new ways to view the electrical grid.

This internship has already fulfilled my expectations and inspired me to share ideas,  spreading the word to my students as well as my colleagues. I now have a new set of tools, resources and  ideas to inspire new /deeper understandings of our energy grid and the challenges we face. This internship has provided the opportunity to be part of a network of members from industry  faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, teachers and high school students to increase the awareness of the importance STEM and renewable resources.

Call For Taking it off the Grid

My students will have the opportunity to explore the issues involved in our use of the

current and future electric grid. They will utilize STEM skills to analyze the current technology in commercial solar phone chargers. They will apply knowledge and engineering skills to analyze and evaluate these chargers.  Then have the opportunity to design and build their own chargers.


It’s all about:

How/What am I teaching to make the world better?


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