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2016 Catch-up

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This has truly been a whirlwind summer, fall into winter. After finishing with the summer Kenan professional development and the internship with Dr. Pam Carpenter at Freedm Center, I was excited to enhance my instruction and deepen my students’ understanding and enthusiasm for STEM.  This I continue to do, integrating STEM, exposing students to new and exciting ideas and… Read more »

On to Bigger, Better and Brighter use of Photovoltaic Power -Authentic Classroom Connections

As my internship comes to an end I realize that the relationships that I have built, and development of tools that I have added to my pedagogical and content tool box, will be on going.  I have built a problem based unit that will enlighten the learning experience of my students and the students at my school.  My students will… Read more »

What am I teaching to make the world better?

One of my secrete goals for the experience with the Freedm Systems Center actually had to do with an earlier project. Several years ago I wrote a grant and worked with my students to build solar panels to be installed on the roof of our school and used to run the technology in my classroom.  The roadblock came when I… Read more »

2016 RET & Young Scholars Programs Schedule NSF FREEDOM Systems Center

2016 RET & Young Scholars Programs Schedule NSF FREEDOM Systems Center From an Introduction to Electric Grid and Smart grid to Funduino Testing and Modifications, we explored EV car building and solar charging, designing, and testing with Adam Stevens and Erik Schettig. Trip to S.A.S. We got to see sustainable development in action as we toured SAS. From the platinum… Read more »

Meeting and surpassing goals!

Blog 7/8/16 Update from July 1 Goal: For me, teaching science is about the big picture. Exciting and inspire my students to investigate their world, and explore how humans interact with their environment while becoming engaged thinking problem solvers.  The Kenan Fellowship program with the Freedom System Center is  ideal venue to explore state of the art science and technology,… Read more »

First week at Freedom System Center

This has been a life changing week. The experience at NCCAT has given me a wealth of new tools, and contact with extraordinary people that will enrich my teaching and the impact on my students. The interaction with the other Kenan Fellows and staff has inspired me to try new ideas and step out of my comfort zone. I really… Read more »