Ready… Set… Let’s do this!

IMG_4212Currently, I am sitting here at NCCAT in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina (which happens to be my home)  surrounded by a group of the most passionate, energetic and motivated educators I have ever had the opportunity to work with.
It’s only day two of this journey and my brain is already full (as well as my stomach) of ideas to implement with my new kiddos for this coming year. I feel like I should keep one of those shoe box time capsules to keep track of where I am now to where I will be at the closing  days of this fabulous fellowship (teachers need data too 😉 ). However, like they say “Once a Kenan Fellow, always a Kenan Fellow” and I already have that warm and fuzzy feeling of unity forming among our cohort. All in all, I am ready for this journey not necessarily because I feel 100% prepared in all aspects, but because I know that I am supported and that the experience I bring back will further engage my students in our classroom.


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