NCCAT Complete and it’s a Beautiful Ride

Good morning!

This part of the journey is almost over, but I sure feel good about the foundation we have built together this week. It was such a great opportunity to be immersed, without distraction, in professional development led by a group of REAL life teachers in REAL life classrooms. A highlight from this week would be the Edcamp sessions we conducted because just like our students, teachers become more involved when we find relevancy in what we do and learn! Edcamp is a completely new model of professional development for me, but I plan to bring it back to my school to implement and see the positive seeds it will sow in our professional community! We often forget about our greatest resource, each other, and I plan on making it my goal to strengthen that within our school this year.

We all shared our successes and what we struggle with and the best part is that we all  shared solutions and encouragement to make next year even brighter for each of us. That my friend is how teachers keep doing good in the world. We live for student growth, but we professionally grow by feeling supported and solving challenges together. All of us are here today because we are inspired to become better educators and to positively ignite change in our world for the future! I am ready for this adventure and the best part is knowing I have the support to take on the challenge of this endeavor!

P.S. A big shout-out to all the past Kenan Fellows for lending your expertise this week and above all encouraging us newbies! Your support was immeasurable!