Global Connections

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One of the aspects of lesson implementation which I’m trying to figure is intercontinental connections. Have you had experience with this in your classroom or business? How did you manage the technology? Which program did you use? How did you manage time zones?

Here are two distinct lessons I want to try, one has to do with my Kenan Fellows program and the other with my Fulbright Distinguished Teachers award.

  1. High School Science Lesson – secondary (high school) students in each country will do an environmental lesson on heat islands. I am hoping they’ll happen concurrently, but I think I should assume they might not. How will you get the students to converse? I have some ideas, but I’d like to hear from my friends! The time zone difference is five hours between North Carolina and the U.K.
  2. University Book Club – I’m going to seek university students to read a common text, such as Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and discuss its implications for their own experiences, how it might look with the populations they will teach, and connecting it to other texts they’ve read. Have you done this or have ideas for a convenient way for students to communicate with one another?

Please comment below, send me a message, or give me ideas on Facebook or Twitter.  I don’t care HOW I get them, I just WANT them! 🙂


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