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PD Done Right

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Ask a roomful of teachers if they’ve ever sat through professional development sessions that were poorly done and probably every hand in the room will shoot up toward the ceiling. Then ask them *WHY* —  I’d venture the top three answers are: 1) One-size-fits ALL training  2) The presenter didn’t understand classrooms/teaching, and/or 3) The sessions were not differentiated (The topic wasn’t… Read more »

Cross-Curricular Learning

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When teachers incorporate cross-curricular (interdisciplinary) lesson plans into their repertoires, it increases students’ interest and understanding. Each year I poll my students, discovering what worked best for them as individuals, which lessons were the most memorable (from a learning standpoint), and what they predict will impact them with future learning. Invariably the answers fall into two categories: Lessons that went… Read more »

Learning with the Best

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Being chosen as a Kenan Fellow and working with the Ply Gem company in their Research and Development department is such an honor. The other fellows and I are gathering at NCCAT in Cullowhee, which is located in the beautiful North Carolina mountains. During the week, we have extensive educator-led professional development, which is phenomenal. Each of the sessions I’ve attended had… Read more »