Challenges and Successes

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Team Ant has been working very hard to develop lessons to be implemented in the classroom as smoothly as possible.  We understand the struggles of trying to use a lesson that you did not create in your own classroom.  The lesson needs to be easy to understand and easy to tweak to each teacher’s own preferences.

It has been a challenge trying to make sure the lesson is suitable for several teachers and not just one but I think we have been successful at this.  We have created tutorial videos and several enrichment activities for each lesson that teachers can choose to utilize or not.  We have also worked to create worksheets that can be printed as well as user friendly for a digital classroom.  We have differentiated versions as well.

Another challenge is trying to find materials that are easy for teachers to get their hands on.  Some of the materials needed, especially for Invisible Pathogens, are expensive and that could be an issue for teachers and a reason teachers do not choose to use the lesson.  We will be piloting this lesson this year to make sure we can make it a success.

Our biggest success, I feel, is our teamwork.  We meshed very well right from the start and we have a team dynamic that just works.  This is a blessing and I am excited to see how we do in the year to come!

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