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2016 Bugfest This year the theme insect at bugfest was…. drum roll please!  ANTS! Naturally our team had to help out!  Completely voluntary and we were more than happy to be apart of this event.  We brainstormed our events and what we wanted to showcase at the event.  I feel like we came up with something truly awesome!  And we… Read more »

If better is possible, good is not good enough

We once had a radio station DJ come talk with our students.  He was a wonderful speaker and maintained to interest of his audience (an auditorium of middle school children) which is not an easy task for anyone!  He finished his program with leaving the students with this quote: “If better is possible, good is not good enough” I absolutely… Read more »


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Being accepted as a Kenan Fellow was extremely exciting for me.  As a professional, I am constantly trying to find ways to improve myself and to continue educating myself.  I enjoy learning and this program has provided several educational opportunities for myself as well as the other Fellows. One of my main goals during this program is to improve my… Read more »