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Teacher of the Year!!!

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I suppose the title gave it away…. but last week my school elected me as teacher of the year!  I am extremely honored and blessed to receive this award, especially since it is voted on by my colleagues.  This year has been a long and challenging one but worth every second of hard work.  I have grown so much on… Read more »

Hello! It’s been awhile.

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Hello world!  I know it has been a hot minute since I’ve written a word.  Life has been a whirlwind since I have been back at work for the school year.  I feel like I have been on a fast-moving train and it has yet to come to a stop. You may be wondering how things have been going as… Read more »


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2016 Bugfest This year the theme insect at bugfest was…. drum roll please!  ANTS! Naturally our team had to help out!  Completely voluntary and we were more than happy to be apart of this event.  We brainstormed our events and what we wanted to showcase at the event.  I feel like we came up with something truly awesome!  And we… Read more »

Making Citizen Science Relevant to the Classroom

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I have come to notice that there is a common theme for students when they are asked what they see when they think of a scientist: they picture a man in a lab coat spending time in a lab. This is a problem!  Being a scientist does not mean you have to be stuck in a lab wearing a lab… Read more »

Challenges and Successes

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Team Ant has been working very hard to develop lessons to be implemented in the classroom as smoothly as possible.  We understand the struggles of trying to use a lesson that you did not create in your own classroom.  The lesson needs to be easy to understand and easy to tweak to each teacher’s own preferences. It has been a… Read more »

If better is possible, good is not good enough

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We once had a radio station DJ come talk with our students.  He was a wonderful speaker and maintained to interest of his audience (an auditorium of middle school children) which is not an easy task for anyone!  He finished his program with leaving the students with this quote: “If better is possible, good is not good enough” I absolutely… Read more »


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Being accepted as a Kenan Fellow was extremely exciting for me.  As a professional, I am constantly trying to find ways to improve myself and to continue educating myself.  I enjoy learning and this program has provided several educational opportunities for myself as well as the other Fellows. One of my main goals during this program is to improve my… Read more »

NCCAT in all its Glory!

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After a lovely 6+ hour drive from Wilmington, NC to lovely Cullowhee, NC, I checked in slightly weary-eyed to the NCCAT facilities.  Greeted by friendly staff and the fearless leaders of our Kenan Fellows cohort, I made my way to my room for the next 5 days and prepared my travelled-greased self for a professional picture, which turned out amazing!… Read more »