Hello, my name is Melissa Wise-Harris. If you can’t surmise by my diverse collection of off the wall STEM related t-shirts I have an insane love of science. I look at the opportunity of being on “Team Dirt” with the Students Discover Team as a unique way to strengthen my content base in order to strengthen student’s successes and outcomes. I find personal success in the success of others, through this unique professional experience I will be able to affect change in classrooms with teachers and students in their understanding of content, applications of scientific inquiry, and simply the excitement of hands on science.

In my current role as a middle school instructional coach I am blessed with the ability to work with teachers, students, and administrators daily. This Kenan Fellowship will allow me to facilitate lessons that will supplement classroom content and experiences that provide students the chance to use cutting edge research and science while strengthening their science knowledge base and skills. My hope is that I will inspire future scientists, affirm the role that the amazing teachers we have in place play in this endeavor, and to contribute to “Strengthening Education Collaboratively”.