I had experienced the beauty and educational rejuvenation of NCCAT, but to experience it as a Kenan Fellow was more than I could ever imagine as an educator. The week provided me with copious instructional strategies, technology applications, professional development relevant to student and teacher growth, and networking unparalleled with any professional endeavor to date.
Upon reflection the networking was absolutely the most beneficial and wonderful part of the experience. I have been placed into a cohort full of professionals that have such a diverse set of skills that I have not cultivated fully and the EdCamp among other break out concurrent sessions allowed me to see the application of those resources and skills and to make a physical to do list of resources I want to incorporate into the professional learning communities and classrooms that I am fortunate to work with in my job daily. In particular, I am making it a priority to focus on increasing the amount, depth, and rigor of the project based learning experiences we offer the students of Brunswick County.
Although I found the personality session interesting I felt that it was my least favorite. My personal educational philosophy has evolved from being both an educator and scientist. No matter what personality we are, based on one of a myriad of tests, we as professionals with young souls in our charge must learn to nurture and educate through adapting to the needs of our students. If we are truly educators of excellence we have observed and made note of the individual needs of our students and our instincts to educate them take over any personality traits we might possess.