One component of the Student’s Discover experience is promoting all people, not just students, to become contributing scientists to the constantly evolving world that we study and live in. I found myself immersed in not only my field of study but the others that my fellow Kenan Fellows were participating in. I thrive on discovering an insect I never knew was part of my natural world, or being presented a problem that I have to solve through a science lens. What I was challenged to do after looking at the Citizen Science goals is how to advocate for others to participate with the desire and fervor that I have.
I have found it exceptionally rewarding to discuss the project that I was involved in through the summer, as well as alternate projects that others were involved in as well. I also have found students, parents and teachers alike to be receptive and excited about the prospects of getting their hands and practically all of their senses involved. The main component necessary to facilitate these opportunities has been to build the knowledge of the experiences and assist in facilitate getting them involved. I do not see this as an opportunity that will end at the culmination of my fellowship. I see the fellowship as only a beginning to the advocacy I will perform to continue the discovery and research of science in our world.

Citizen Science: Getting Everyone Involved

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