I cannot believe that we have been in school for over 5 weeks. I feel like it has been a blur and am finding myself daily challenged to get all of the ideas and instruction I want in for that day. I began in August, as soon as I returned networking and discussing my opportunities from the summer with peers and students. I wanted them to know the amazingly innovative resources and study we had performed and the practical applications it had for our classrooms. I also wanted the adults to visualize the unparalleled professional development opportunity that we were able to participate in through our NCCAT experience and internship over the summer.
One of the most beneficial tools that I took from the summer came from our design our own PD at NCCAT. I have utilized numerous sites and technology based resources that we were exposed to and utilized during our sessions at NCCAT. I am seeing an increase in the amount and breadth of technology that my teachers are using and was unaware until the share out the many tools available.
I have also utilized team and culture building opportunities that we used during our sessions to start professional development opportunities and coaching sessions for PLCs. Having the educational team look at each other through a different lens has been informative and beneficial for us all.
I would say ultimately that looking at myself through the personality profile provided to me at NCCAT has made me especially reflective and analytical at how I view and react to situations. I look at situations, learners, and colleagues from a different perspective and that has been amazingly welcome and helped me grow.

A school year that has just begun, yet is flying by……..

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