My week at NCCAT and why it was important to me.

I’ll start off by saying I really enjoy visiting North Carolina’s Mountains, so I was happy to be in Cullowhee, NC  for a week. I plan to implement some of the ice-breaker activities I learned at NCCAT in my classroom during the first week of school. I also want to utilize more data analysis within my classroom to improve instruction. I have already started using Trello to keep track of tasks for my wearable devices fellowship, and I will introduce this application to students in the beginning of the year to keep track of project responsibilities and assignments. I will continue to blog with my students, after learning fresh and exciting techniques this week . I will  make my social media presence more visible by utilizing Twitter and YouTube more often.  I enjoyed all of the sessions I attended at NCCAT. If I have to choose a session that was my least favorite it would be “Why Culture Matters”, I enjoyed Mrs. Brossy’s personal stories. However; I thought the session was going to be focused on methods and techniques for culturally responsive teaching.

Compared to other PD opportunities I have had the opportunity to attend I have  enjoyed NCCAT the most. I had plenty of opportunities to learn from, network, and build relationships with other educators.  I enjoyed the whitewater rafting the most, that was something I have been wanting to do for a while. I really enjoyed the flipped classroom session during Edcamp Kenan. I gained so much useful information. I plan to partially flip my fashion merchandising courses this upcoming year.  I also gained useful techniques during the Edcamp’s PBL making it work session. I feel more comfortable implementing project based learning in my courses having gained useful and relevant insight on the process. Overall NCCAT has been a great experience for me, I’m glad I had the opportunity to participate in this professional advancement Institute


What I hope to gain from my fellowship experience

When I was given the opportunity to participate in the 2016-2017 Kenan Fellows program I was ecstatic.  I have a passionate interest in textiles & apparel and was very excited about participating in the wearable devices cohort. What I hope to gain from my wearable devices fellowship is insight on what the future holds for fashion. I’m excited about advancements in fitness/health related wearable devices and want to be knowledgeable about the cutting edge technology. I also hope to gain the expertise to implement what I’ve learned in the my classroom. I want my fashion merchandising students especially to visualize the idea of fashion apparel and fashion related careers outside of the norm. I am looking to earn my doctorate in a textile & apparel related field of study and I know my experience participating as a Kenan Fellow would be beneficial to my objective. I am excited and honored to be a Kenan Fellow and will use this opportunity to network and acquire educational knowledge and  resources for my students and school.


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