My internship experience will benefit my mentor’s organization…..

My internship experience will benefit my mentor’s organization through promotion and exposure. Everyone at my school will hear about the Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and
Technologies (ASSIST) center and Textiles programs at NC State. I will definitely promote the programs to students and colleagues. I can’t wait to display my posters for the wearable device I created this summer in the hall by my classroom.  I learned so many cool things this summer, I cant wait to share and collaborate with educators within my school and district.  My CDC and CTE director have also promoted the Kenan Fellows program and the project I help develop throughout the Durham Public School System.  Hopefully the extra exposure in Durham Public School will recruit and produce another cohort of exceptional fellows.  I also hope to expose my students to potential career  opportunities in coding, engineering, and textiles, possibly creating future ‘Wolf Pack” graduates.


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  1. Tyreisha, I to plan on promoting the value of what I learned during this process. It has been great to attend sessions with great teachers such as yourself and to share in each other’s successes. The projects that we have developed and the relationships formed should take teaching to a new level in North Carolina.

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