Oh how I have grown…….

I have really grown since my first blog post.  I am glad I learned the basics of coding and can now make a LilyPad blink and sing a tune. I have also grown in terms of my knowledge of 3D Printing. I have a 3D printer in my class and I try to print something new once a week. My growth has allowed me to introduce new projects to my students and colleagues.  I have become a better educator because of my Kenan Fellowship and have grown more than I could have imagined. I really enjoyed the experience and would love to continue to work with the program.

One moment (series of moments) I will never forget is my experience white water rafting in the Nantahala River. I love the outdoors (until the bugs come). I plan to return this summer with my family and friends so they can experience white water rafting.  It was truly a great experience for me. Another memorable moment was when my team member finally got out Perfect Posture shirt to actually work. We were so happy and excited. We were anxious to try it out and show the other Kenan Fellows how it operated.  I would recommend the Kenan Fellowship program to any educator wanting to incorporate STEAM into their courses. I learned so much, met great educators, actually had fun, and challenged myself when it came to learning how to code. This school year was much more exciting for me. I was able to introduce new ideas to my colleagues and share cutting-edge techniques and practices with my students. My school year has definitely been a better year because of my Kenan Fellowship.