My month with Four County EMC

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There are really not enough words to describe the experiences I had with Four County EMC but I’ll give it a try in this blog post.  I didn’t know what to expect on the first day as I am the type of person who is little shy at first till I get to know you…funny that I’m a teacher.  Anyways I knew at the end of the first day I was going to have one of the best experiences of my life.  A lot of people, including myself, don’t understand everything that goes on to running power to your house.  We take flipping that light switch and lights working for granted. I got to learn how power is provided from when the phone call comes in from a member to the power line being connected to the house.  Everyone I got to work with was beyond nice and welcoming. I got to climb poles, set poles, dig a trench which is much harder then it looks. I got to go up in the bucket several times to see how it is to work up in the air. And I got to experience how hot it really is in North Carolina in July…let me tell you it is HOTTTT which is why I have a whole new appreciation for the guys who do this job.

During my time at Four County they set up a schedule that would let me experience everything single job that is done behind the scenes.  I like to joke I was the most well rounded employee they had, lol. Little did I know they would even let me experience a power outage as a member.  One weekend during my time with Four County we had some bad thunderstorms roll through the community in which I live.  Long story short a HUGE limb fell on the power line and snapped it. Seeing the fast response to get my power back on made me proud to be a member of Four County. As a teacher I would not be able to experience anything like this without the Kenan program.  I can’t wait till the video comes out that documents a little glimpse of my experiences with Four County.  Till then here are a few pictures so show some of the stuff I got to do.

2 thoughts on “My month with Four County EMC

  1. Linda Dion

    Glad to read that you had such a diverse and amazing experience, even in our hot, hot summer! Can’t wait to see the lessons you take back to the classroom.

    1. Rebecca Brown Post author


      I loved my time at Four County and wish I could spend every summer working with them because there is a wealth of information to learn. I think my problem is trying to narrow down how to bring it back in the classroom cause I want to show my kids everything I got to experience.


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