Changed career opportunities?

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I know this post is a little late but hey as I always say, better late then never!

Has your knowledge of career opportunities changed as a result of your internship experience?

DEFINITELY!!! During my internship I was afforded the opportunity to shadow many different people in many different jobs. I worked with accountants all the way to linemen on the power lines. I was very thankful for the people who let me follow them for a day, as I know I only slowed them down in their normal everyday job. As I learned about each job I would always ask before I left them, what training/college did you have for this particular job? Many of them would tell me it was on the job training. At Four County there are jobs that range from linemen of course to accountants who pay the bills and close out accounts for jobs that have been completed. There are people who work in the warehouse who are in charge of getting materials for the linemen ready. There are people who are responsible just for community outreach or customer relations. Then there are the extremely NICE people who answer phones all day. All the people I met and worked with are great at what they do because Four County has invested in them and given them the training they need to make the co-op work. My knowledge has evolved because I didn’t realize just how many different types of jobs are done at Four County. It seems this day in age what you went to college for doesn’t matter anymore because to be marketable you need to have a wide variety of skills and be willing to learn.

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