The Art of Branding

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My school is a great school. Sure, according to EOC’s, SATs, ACTs, and any other 3 letter standardized test we may be disguised as average, but my school is anything but average. Undoubtedly we have to deal with drugs, fights, and even the occasional bomb threat, but do not be fooled, my school is not a dangerous school. We may have… Read more »

Careers in Agriculture

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For years I shared the opinions of many others that being in Agriculture meant being a farmer and being a farmer meant long hard days of being covered in sweat and dirt. I understood that yes, there were other branches that were tied to Ag, but at the end of the day, I viewed most of the industry as simply… Read more »

The creation process…

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So far, this experience has been extremely rewarding and motivating. Being immersed around awesome educators, along with my time spent with local hardworking farmers, has opened the valve to a flow of ideas. Being the ENTP that I am, it has been difficult to narrow this flow of ideas into one direction. As I began to develop my plan, it… Read more »

Let the planning begin!

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This past week was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Every day I felt I walked away with something new that I can apply almost daily into my teaching. I learned how to incorporate Twitter to provide a window into my classroom to increase parental and community involvement. I discovered how to apply Youtube within my lessons so the learning… Read more »

The start of something new…

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Tomorrow I start a new adventure through my Keenan’s fellowship and I am full of excitement, as well as questions, on all the places this opportunity may take me. Most importantly, I am eager to learn and grow through this professional development so that I may evolve my effectiveness as a teacher and a leader in and out of the classroom…. Read more »