Let the planning begin!

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This past week was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Every day I felt I walked away with something new that I can apply almost daily into my teaching. I learned how to incorporate Twitter to provide a window into my classroom to increase parental and community involvement. I discovered how to apply Youtube within my lessons so the learning that takes place in my classroom can be shared and connected with educators and students across the globe. I was exposed to a plethora of tech tools for the classroom. Our tech training ranged from organizational tools, such as Trello to music mashup sites that can assist in classroom management and improve student engagement. We were able to explore one of the most species diverse areas on the planet with a thrilling whitewater rafting trip down the Nantahala. We were shown the importance of developing your personal brand and having the consistency to lead your life by your brand. My own brand, “Relatable. Passionate. Innovator.” stands for my commitment to students, parents, teachers, and the community to inspire my students with my relatability and passion for innovation.

Through it all, the most truly rewarding experience I gained came in the form of fellowship and collaboration with other professionals across North Carolina. Being inspired spending this past week sharing strategies and ideas with driven educators will have a forever impact on my educational career. I am eager to share and apply my growth as an educator within my community.

Now it is time to let the planning begin…


Until next time…