Hit the Ground Running!

It’s not every day that you’re given an opportunity to spend a week nestled in the mountains of North Carolina to receive an incredible learning experience with twenty-four other educators from a across the state. I consider the opportunities for development of my own pedagogy, but those who will receive the greatest benefits from these workshops will be my students who will eventually learn lessons that have been strengthened by this time honing my craft with fellow NC educators.

Next week, I will begin an amazing internship with Livingston Haven, in which hands on experience will eventually translate into connections made in the classroom between STEM-based education and the applicable skills for the workforce. My students will learn the importance of STEM knowledge and how it will apply once they leave the walls of the school. The frequent question of, “Why do we have to learn this?” will be answered with factual ways in which to utilize their knowledge to not only enrich their minds, but also to land themselves a good paying job after school.

Wait! You’re a Language Arts teacher! STEM doesn’t matter to you. Well, let’s remember that it can also be called STEAM…let’s not forget those Arts. After a wonderful conversation with the CEO of the company where I’ll be spending time soon, we determined that the major need in our schools is for students to be able to enter the workforce with an ability to COMMUNICATE. When a scientist with a Master’s Degree struggles with grammar to the point where it’s difficult to understand his writing, there’s a huge doorway through which a teacher who wishes to bridge the gap between Science and Language Arts can enter and instruct.

Look for more updates soon, as this week promises to be full of knowledge and strengthening relationships with colleagues from across the Tarheel State.

See you soon!