Learning from Each Other

Sometimes, the best way that we can learn as teachers is from one another. It is important that we remember that yes, we as teachers do have valuable knowledge to share with others.

Today, I listened as my cohort shared ideas of what works (and what doesn’t work) in the classroom to keep students engaged. I shared a bit of my own wisdom of my use of humor in the classroom. Over the years, it has become glaringly obvious that if students have the opportunity to laugh a bit, it opens the door to learning. Other colleagues shared ideas such as “mood meters” and funny dances and movements that keep their students involved and learning.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow, I’ll be packing the car and heading home from the Summer Institute, but the vast amount of knowledge and the connections formed with other teachers will allow it to seem like the party never ended. So lesson learned from today’s post? Network, network, network. The teacher next door to you might be able to give you a single piece of advice that can be immensely helpful. In turn, you might be able to offer advice too, creating a true professional network built upon the giving and taking of information to better each other.