By: Kristie Crowder
Just a twenty something trying to get through one day of teaching without be confused for a student.  Most people have at least one stereotype in their head when it comes to millennials, for some it’s our endless amount of participation trophies, for others it’s our weird obsession with avocados, but for me, it’s the fact that we are the future.  For some of you, that thought is terrifying, but it is my hope throughout this blog that I can show you we are more than our stereotypes.

You may be wondering, how does this apply to teaching?  In our constantly changing world, education seems to be the last in line to jump on board.  I am here to bring you insight on why that is, how change isn’t always a bad thing, and what it is really like fighting through the stereotypes in a career where not only do your colleges doubt you for your age, but your students do as well.