Some of you have been asking where I find some of my resources for the classroom, below you will find a list of resources you can use to help you out as well! If you have any other resource options please feel free to inform me so I can add them to my list!


Classroom Management – (monitors chromebooks while the students are in your class) – (Like PowerPoint but shows up on each individual computer screen and you control when students move to the next slide) contact app, don’t forget to set up office hours so the students can’t message you after certain hours)


Mathematics Resources graphing system; also includes premade lesson plans and individual student progress tracker) graphing calculator download TI-84) (For senior use only, for CMS contact CPCC directly for more information; if you are outside of CMS contact your local community college to see if similar offers are available) can only complete ten questions a day per student, otherwise you pay for system.  Great warm-up option.)

Test Review/Study Resources for to create flashcards for kids to have access to at home) class quiz option, as “kidish” as it sounds, my kids adore it, even my seniors) way to get an accurate representation of student understanding) class quiz option)