About Pam

Pamela Johnson teaches Math 1 and 2 at Parkwood Middle School in Monroe. She is in her 5th year in the classroom, has taught students in grades 2 – 8, and enjoys working with the 12 – 14 age group. Having had a successful career in accounting and tax preparation, Ms. Johnson decided to return to the classroom in 2016 and has found her niche teaching math to advanced middle school students.  Her dedication to connecting math concepts with real life help excite her students about the learning process and therefore contributes to her students’ success. Her primary focus is that students understand WHY a concept, theory, or formula is what it is, rather than simply memorizing and calculating. Students in her classroom are encouraged to struggle productively, and know that the only way to learn is to first make mistakes. Her classroom motto of “Mistakes are expected, respected, inspected, and corrected” guides her students to an acceptance of imperfection and gives them a safe place to explore math concepts while they learn.

Pam currently lives in Lancaster, SC with her youngest daughter, Taylor and their two cats. They enjoy spending time outdoors, reading and knitting together. They recently spent 16 months “tiny living” in an RV before purchasing their home in Lancaster, which has given them both an appreciation for minimalist living and enjoying the outdoors. Having survived a brain aneurysm in 2015, Pam is fascinated with the science of learning and often shares that passion and process with her students and those around her. In the past, she has taught yoga, been a realtor, and worked in the software industry

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