Lost in the Sea of Good Intentions

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As I look back over my blog and notes I am shocked at the fact that more than 3 months have passed since my last post. In that time I have completed my internship, readied my classroom, been surprised at the last minute by changes in my class schedule, and bowled over by much larger class sizes than anticipated. Now that we are already 9 weeks into the school year I realize that I have been drowning in the Sea of Good Intentions.

Every week I take the to do list and check off what’s been done, add the new pressing stuff, and shift the less urgent items down towards the bottom of the list. This is where my good intentions tend to live. The bottom of the list contains tasks that are productive, beneficial, but not quite compelling enough to warrant a late night or canceled social activity. And for that reason, they tend to stay right there, at the bottom of the list. I have every intention of completing these tasks! Someday… but for now, that’s where they sit. Waiting. At the bottom of the list.

This is the part in the blog where I give you my awesome plan for making things happen. The amazing, yet simple, system that will solve all of our time-management issues and allow us to – finally – check all of those items off the to-do list. So here it comes….

Wait for it ….

Yeah, just kidding. I don’t have that. I just have my list that I continue to adjust and fit into the busy schedule of a single-mom-middle-school-teacher-homeowner who never has enough time to do all the things. The best I can do, at least for now, is make sure that my life doesn’t burn down around my ears while I juggle the spinning plates and try to eke out a small amount of time for self care once in awhile.

I’m all ears folks… how do you do this crazy thing called teacher life? If you could latch onto just one of those projects drifting in the Sea of Good Intentions, which one would it be? How would things change if you were able to move that task from the “To Do Someday” list onto the “DONE!” list?